Sunday, September 9, 2012

A/DA Harmony Synth is really weird.

If you've never heard what the A/DA Harmony Synth sounds like, then we have a treat for you today!

It was (attempting to be) an all analog harmony/octave/delay pedal.  But the final product was, well, something totally different and unique...

So check it out, and thanks to youtuber ruk777 for posted these demos!

thanks for watching.


  1. 2nd video reminds me of the EQ'D Rainbow Machine. Sounds exactly like it, didn't know the EQ'D was a clone of anything, but the similarities are obvious here.

  2. I agree. I also thing the EQ'D sounds like the famous "mode 7" on the Boss PS3. Which in itself was probably inspired by the Harmony Synth.