Friday, September 7, 2012

Paine's fOXX Select-a-Fuzz demo (part 2)

 You may remember back in June when we posted Paine's demo of the utlra rare and amazing sounding fOXX Select-a-Fuzz.  Well he's back with a more in depth look at the illusive little bug.
Although the different settings on the Select-a-Fuzz add very subtle tonal changes, you can still pick up from the video that they all sound pretty awesome.

Also, I spy some other fuzzy favorites of ours just chillin' on the floor, like the Rosac Nu Fuzz, the Steelphon Fuzz, and one of my favorite Big Muff clones, the Maxon D&S!

so check it out and get freaky///

Thanks for watching!

1 comment:

  1. Breadboard test of the Foxx Select-a-Fuzz. Thanks to he-that-shall-remain-nameless.