Sunday, January 13, 2013

LS Harmonic Sound Synthesizer?

I just came across this weird looking pedal today...

I guess it's less weird looking than it is a weird name for what looks like just a booster pedal?
To be totally honest I know nothing about these, nor do I know at all what they sound like. But since I have never seen one and it looks fairly old, then why not post it up here?

So, if you happen to have any info on this at all, please leave a comment below or contact me via email. I would love to know what this LS Harmonic Sound Synthesizer is all about.

Thanks for reading!
(and thanks to Studio1525 for the pics)

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  1. to comment on my own post...
    The circuit code was cracked by our good friend Analogguru, over at the D*A*M forum.

    He states that it's an Electra Distortion. Which has been a schematic that was floating around the net for a while; and is not the Electra Distortion pedal made in the 80s, but most likely one of their MPC modules made to fit into the Electra MPC line of guitars.