Wednesday, September 25, 2013

M3 Emthree Mini Synthy

What a cool octave pedal this is!

It's the M3 Emthree Mini Synthy, from the late 70's.
I'm not sure where this was made, but it sounds badass.

check it out///

a big Thanks! goes out to our good friend Ema, for the demo.

for more info on this little guy, make sure to check out the ToneHome website's awesome write-up:
ToneHome - M3 Emthree

so that's it for now,
(and yes, I am looking for one of these...)
thanks for watching!


  1. Awesome! After I track down that IC chip or similar workalike I'll be putting one of these together.

    1. cool! yeah, it sounds like a nasty little bastard.

  2. Great, one more M3 MiniSynthy user! Mine looks older and more abused, but working well and with a RED SAJ110 chip! Cheers!

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  4. I would like to have a pic about the internal soldering… maybe someone can help me?!! ;)