Monday, July 8, 2013

A New friend arrived today!

I went on a little pedal binge last week, and the first to arrive is this,
the Knight KG-389 Fuzz Box.

It's a pretty primitive sounding fuzz, and so far I am liking it on bass a little bit more than guitar.

There's not a whole lot of info out there on these.
The pots date it to 1966, but they have appeared in catalogs as late as 1969...
So after I gather more info, I'll do a full post on this beautiful blue buzzer.

Also, there seems to be some debate on the transistors that were used in this thing, so let's end that.
This one, at least, is packing two 2N3391 A's.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. these were kits made by knight, the transistors in the kit were Si npn transistors specifically (from what i have been told by people whom bought the kits when brand new)BC108 transistors however there is debate as others have also stated onter npn Si trannies were used but the one thing that most agree on is that the transistors were the first things swapped out to try and get a tone the builder was comfortable with most settling with the BC108 npn's which came in the kits from late 60's ( 68/69). with that said these are extremely rare and hard to come by. to be more specific the casing is extremely rare and as it was a kit and no 2 were alike the innards dont matter as long as you have the original metal box. i am rebuilding one now on a veroboard based on the original circuit of the pedal using bc108 trannies somewhere down the line it had a hole drilled in the case to install an led but still the pedal once completed with the led and veroboard circuit is still worth big bucks